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How to be your own best advocate

Advocating for your own health can be hard. But educating yourself about your health and asking questions can help you immensely both physically and emotionally.

Learn as much as you can about your situation. Talk to your doctor. Don't leave any of your questions unanswered. 

Here are some suggested questions to ask your doctor:

  • What is uterine cancer?

  • What causes uterine cancer?

  • What are the symptoms of uterine cancer?

  • What type of doctor should I see if I think I might have uterine cancer?

  • What type of uterine cancer do I have?

  • What is the stage and grade of my uterine cancer?

  • What is my expected prognosis?

  • Has my cancer spread to other locations outside my uterus?

  • What treatment do you recommend for me and why?

  • What are the goals of treatment? Is it to eliminate the cancer or to make me feel better?

  • How long will treatment take?

  • What side effects can I expect to feel from my treatment?

  • Will I be able to have children after my treatment?

  • Can my cancer still return even after treatment?

  • How can I preserve my quality of life while undergoing treatment?

  • What should I know about clinical trials?

  • Where can I go for more information about clinical trials?

  • What support services are available to me and my family?

  • Should other women in my family be tested regularly for uterine cancer?

  • Are there any brochures or other printed material I can take home with me?

  • With whom may I speak about my financial and insurance concerns?

  • Questions of Your Own!

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